5 Spiritual Survival Strategies in the Trump Era | Sojourners

I’ll put it this way: When they go low, we go deep.

A couple of weeks ago I went out to lunch with the pastor of our church in Santa Fe, N.M. She asked, “What do you think you will do to respond to the Trump Administration?” My immediate response was, “I’m going to find a spiritual director.”

I was serious. I had, in fact, been meeting monthly with a spiritual director during the past year, but in October she moved away. The unexpected election of Donald Trump plummeted me into such a mood of disbelief, emotional reactivity, and political angst that I was losing my spiritual center.

Responding on Facebook to the latest outrage, while perhaps politically therapeutic, wasn’t satisfying my soul. I needed to become grounded again with my deepest self, and with God.

At a lunch with friends from church to process the aftermath of the election, my wife Karin said, “Donald Trump is going say or do something every day that will arouse us emotionally. And we can’t allow ourselves to be stuck in that place of continuous arousal, responding to him. We have to find safe spaces to support proactively the things we’re called to do.”

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: 5 Spiritual Survival Strategies in the Trump Era | Sojourners


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