A Dangerous New Year for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

Insider’s Report: New Congress Barrels Forward with Disastrous Agenda for Earned Benefits

Claiming a mandate that does not exist, the congressional majority is rolling out proposals that will slash Social Security and Medicare benefits, and set in motion the privatization of these vital programs. These actions will hurt current and future beneficiaries counting on earned benefits for a healthy and secure retirement.

As the National Committee has been warning for years, all Americans have a lot to lose if these radical proposals become reality. And President Donald Trump shows few signs of honoring his campaign pledge not to touch Social Security and Medicare. His cabinet appointments speak volumes about his intentions for these vital programs — most notably Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price (who hasn’t met a benefit cut he didn’t like) and Rep. Rick Mulvaney (SC-05) (a fiscal hardliner) as director of the Office of Management and Budget — who has said “we have to end Medicare as we know it.”
In the last Congress, House Social Security Subcommittee Chair Sam Johnson (TX-03) introduced a devastating bill targeting Social Security

to slash benefits, raise the retirement age to 69 and reduce Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs). We anticipate this bill will be reintroduced in the new Congress shortly. House Speaker Paul Ryan is eager to advance his plan to end traditional Medicare by privatizing it for the benefit of gigantic insurance companies. Privatization will lead to skyrocketing premiums and reduced coverage for beneficiaries tossed into the private insurance market.
Of course, at the top of the legislative agenda is repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which will not only jeopardize the health care coverage of 30 million Americans, but put real improvements to Medicare at great risk. While the groundwork is quickly being laid in Congress to repeal and replace the ACA, no alternative option has been developed yet by opponents of the law.
With your support, the National Committee will continue to work with our allies in Congress, our fellow advocacy groups and our millions of members and supporters to counter this unprecedented assault against earned benefit programs.
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Source: A Dangerous New Year for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

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