Selling products, manipulating public opinion and influencing public policy: What the speaker at the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce annual event had to say

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy


On Tuesday, the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce held it’s annual meeting featuring Dr. Jonah Berger, Author of the books Contagious: Why Things Catch On and Invisible Influence.

People reading this blog might find it strange for GRIID to be at the Gand Rapids Chamber annual event. The fact is that part of the work we hope to accomplish through GRIID is to present information and analysis of those with power, specifically in West Michigan.

It is problematic for those who identify as being in favor fighting against systems of oppression, to ignore those who perpetuate and benefit from the same systems of oppression.

The Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce is one of those entities that perpetuate and benefit from systems of oppression, particularly neoliberal capitalism. Rick Baker, the President and CEO of the local chamber, is also one of the main organizers with the West Michigan Policy Forum

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