The choir where homeless singers find hope and acceptance | PBS NewsHour

At a meeting of Voices of our City Choir in San Diego, aspiring choir members from all walks of life come together to sing songs of love and hope.

Source: The choir where homeless singers find hope and acceptance | PBS NewsHour

A group of vocalists gathered to share their love of music on a recent Friday in downtown San Diego.“There will be no love dyin’ here,” belted out the 16 singers, aspiring choir members who came from all walks of life, in harmonies that amplified off the metal walls and ceiling.

“I’m blind and I’m homeless right now,” said Janet Bolden, her hair swept back in long braids that hung over her gray sweatshirt. Like Bolden, half of the choir members are homeless.

The woman behind the Voices of our City Choir is Steph Johnson, a jazz singer and recording artist who wanted to raise awareness of homelessness.

“I thought, well, what a wonderful way to have a really wonderful, beautiful choir singing and sounding excellent and to be like, ‘Yes, and all of these people happen to not have a home,’” Johnson said.

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