DeWitt legislator elected Michigan speaker of the House

Term Limits: The NEW Michigan Speaker of the House has four years of experience and is 35 years old. I’m sure he’s a bright guy. But four years?
Would we hire a Superintendent of Schools after he/she taught school for four years? I hope we wouldn’t allow a teacher with four years experience to even be a school principal let alone superintendent.
But this fellow is going to lead the Michigan House of Representatives?

DeWitt legislator elected Michigan speaker of the House

State Rep. Tom Leonard, R-DeWitt Township, will be the new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The 35-year-old Republican will take over for the current Speaker, Rep. Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant, who is forced to leave the Legislature at year-end because of term limits.Leonard was first elected in 2012 and easily won re-election in 2014 and on Tuesday.

He is the current chairman of the House Insurance Committee.Leonard graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in history and Spanish and received a law degree from Michigan State University.

His top three  priorities are: further mental health reforms, further reducing the state’s debt and beefing up skilled trades programs in the state.

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