We Will Soon Discover Exactly How Racist America Is



Photo Courtesy of Daily Beast

When the votes come pouring in on Tuesday evening many Americans will be awaiting breathlessly whether their candidate will win… Both sides see their candidate as the only possible avenue down which this nation can continue.

But there are bigger data dumps which can be mined from all this data.  Elections are our only method to determine how America thinks or feels every 4 years.  Polls can be skewed. But the election is real…

The Republican candidate has done a lot to strip down his candidacy to one of racism.  He has no economic plan. He has no insurance plan. He has no plan to fight Isis. He has no military strategy, he has nothing else to say, except to rail against others.. in fact all others who are not exactly like him.. be it gender, racial, or religious… If you are not like him…

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