How Bernie Sanders Could Become President With Only 130,000 Votes

What a wild scenario..



After reading Dawn Papple’s excellent article in The Inquisitr a few days ago, about how theoretically it was possible for Bernie Sanders to still become President, I shared the article with some friends and found that they were confused at how this scenario could occur, so I decided to write my own article and hopefully answer everyone’s questions, as well as recruit a few hundred people to help me make this into a reality.

Here are some of the questions I received over the last few days while promoting this idea on social media.

Have You Lost Your Mind? Bernie Sanders Dropped Out of the Race!! How Could He Become President???

In order to be elected President a candidate must win 270 electoral college votes.

Each state is assigned so many electoral votes and whichever candidate wins the popular vote in that state wins that state’s electoral votes.

For example…

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