CURMUDGUCATION: The Gates Plan for College

The Gates Plan for College

Posted by Peter Greene: 24 Sep 2016

Some days I feel kind of Rip Van Winklesque, as if I went to sleep and when I woke up the world had changed. Apparently while I was sleeping, the electorate rose up and elected Bill Gates the Grand Uber Head of Education. “Please,” a bunch of you non-sleeping people said. “Redesign our entire education system. Redefine what it means to be an educated person, and redefine how a person gets an education. Please do that for us, and now that we’ve asked you to do this, please never ask us for any input on the subject ever again.”

And so we got Common Core and high-stakes testing and Big Data Systems and a whole giant network of astro-turf groups pushing these policy ideas and a decade of corporate dismantling of public education, funded in astonishingly substantial ways by Bill and Melinda Gates.

But apparently while I was sleeping, y’all asked him to do something about redesigning colleges, too.

I’m looking at the most current version of Gates’ Postsecondary Success Advocacy Priorities, which is kind of a non-meaning word salad of a title, but I’m thinking what we have here is what The Gates considers the priorities to advocate of in the process of redefining post-secondary success. Yes, I’ve read it so you don’t have to, but if this is the kind of thing you let happen while I’m asleep, we’ve really got to talk.

The Overview

Higher education is the bridge to success. Well, it used to be, but now it’s a narrow twisty high-priced toll bridge, and that’s a problem. Mind you, the cost of that problem is not to the human beings who wanted to cross the bridge:

Rising costs and debt, stubbornly high dropout rates, and persistent attainment gaps threaten higher education’s ability to meet societal and workforce needs. Recent estimates show that the nation will need 11 million more workers with some form of high-quality post-high school education by 2025 than our system is currently on course to produce.

The Gates strategy is…

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