From Bridge magazine:   Study rips state for higher tuition, lack of support for higher ed

First, the bad news: Michigan is underfunding its public universities relative to other Midwestern states, leading to students paying higher tuition and taking on more debt than their equivalents in Indiana or Ohio. So says theMichigan League for Public Policy, a progressive-leaning advocacy group in Lansing.

Adjusted for inflation, Michigan’s public-university tuition has increased by 100-150 percent since 2003 and today stands as sixth-highest tuition in the country, writes Peter Ruark, senior policy analyst, in the League’s report, released today.

The findings are the latest shot across the bow in a debate that extends beyond Michigan: Whether budget-minded, conservative legislatures in state capitals like Lansing are to blame for rising tuition (and student debt) at public universities, or are universities also at fault for bloated administrative expenses that contribute to higher tabs for students and their families?

According to the Michigan League, state tuition increases can be directly traced to…

Follow this link to read the full report from Bridge magazine: Bridge • The Center for MichiganStudy rips state for higher tuition, lack of support for higher ed

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