From the CURMUDGUCATION blog: “Campbell Brown Goes To Boston”

Campbell Brown Goes To Boston
Posted by Peter Greene: 06 Sep 2016 
Campbell Brown has decided to add her two cents to the sprawling debate about raising the charter cap in Massachusetts (and really, why not, because lord knows everyone else has added their two cents, or two million dollars).

Brown’s argument is the same basic one repeated by other charter school proponents:

1) We should do it for the poor children.
2) Unions suck
3) Boston charters have had amazingly awesome results

Or as Brown puts it, “Wow. For Madeloni, her union, and their supporters, Boston charters are an extraordinary menace. Not because they are failing poor children of color, but because they are serving them so well. ”

Each of these points is problematic. Let’s go one at a time…. Here: CURMUDGUCATION: Brown Goes To Boston

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