Fourteen of the EAA’s 15 schools are failing: Can we finally say a state-take over didn’t work? | from the Detroit Metro Times Blogs

A takeover that began in 1999 under Governor John Engler has proven to be a multiple decades long and continuing failure of the Detroit schools district raises questions about experimentation and state takeovers. When will the Michigan GOP (the party of ‘local control’) its leaders, legislators and wealthy corporate reform backers admit that enough is enough? They are wrong. They have failed. For heaven’s sake return the schools to local control! – JLS

“On Thursday morning the state of Michigan’s State Reform Office — a section of the state Department of Education that Governor Rick Snyder recently placed under his own purview — released their long-awaited Bottom Five list, a catalog of schools across the state that fall in the bottom 5 percent of achievement…

Of the 15 schools in the Education Achievement Authority — a state-run district that was created based off the 2011 Top to Bottom List — 13 of them are listed as failing once again, and one — Phoenix Elementary-Middle School — is listed as being closed.

That means that schools that were taken out of Detroit Public Schools in the 2012-13 school year (i.e. taking funds away from the traditional school district), and placed in a state-controlled district under the auspices of a ‘turn around’ (that DPS couldn’t do it itself) are still — four years later — on the list of worst performers. Ninety-three percent of the schools in the EAA are still considered, at least based on test scores, as under-performing schools.”

Read the full report here: Fourteen of the EAA’s 15 schools are failing: Can we finally say a state-take over didn’t work? | Blogs | Detroit Metro Times

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