John Oliver’s Program on Charter Schools Went Viral

John Oliver’s Program on Charter Schools Went Viral
by dianeravitch
John Oliver’s very sharp critique of charter schools went viral. In one week, it has had more than 5 million views.

Diane Ravitch's blog

John Oliver’s very sharp critique of charter schools went viral. In one week, it has had more than 5 million views.

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NLRB labels Charters as ‘Private’ | From the BustED Pencils blog

NLRB labels Charters as ‘Private’

by Michael Peña

“In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as ‘right-to-work.’ It provides no ‘rights’ and no ‘works.’ Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining…. We demand this fraud be stopped.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Oh charter schools, the National Labor Relations Board has you dead to rights: “In sum, we find no compelling reasons to discretionarily decline to assert jurisdiction over this private, nonprofit education corporation.”

For more read “In the eyes of the NLRB, charter schools are private, not public” here.

The One REAL Problem With Charter Schools | From ‘kavips’ blog

The One REAL Problem With Charter Schools

by kavips

One thing that is important this election season is to find out who is for charter schools and who is against them… Then vote for someone who is against them….

Recently some regulations were changed  deep inside the DOE to allow more money to go to charters and be taken out of public schools… They supposedly were stopped by loud noises from legislators. But such will keep coming again and again as long as Charter School law remains open and charters still remain an option….

Did you ever wonder, why they always have to “sneak” charter school changes through? Why do YOU sneak things, like past your wife or husband, like past your boss, like past your children? Is it because you don’t want to get caught?  Exactly… So why are we “sneaking” changes to charter law in the dead of night?

Because it is bad legislation for Delaware’s soon to be one million people, and it benefits probably 5 friends of those players pushing it forward….  Piss off one million to make 5 people happy…

When someone says at any forum that they are FOR charter schools…. if you can, ask them in public this question:….Since only one in five children go to charter schools in Delaware, and since Charter Schools take money away from those other four…. how do you propose re-compensating those Public Schools who get hurt by having a Charter take their money, so the levels of educations for 4 out of 5 Delaware children, can remain the same??

And that’s the rub… When they say we are going to improve education for one fifth of our children by great charter schools, what isn’t said at all, is that 4/5ths of our children now have to suffer educational losses due to funding cuts!

How can that even make education better?

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5 challenges to accessing education for Syrian refugee children – Utne Altwire

Lessons learned from the Refugee Education Workshop at Stanford University.
More than half of the 4.8 million refugees who have poured out of Syria are children.
The world sees their faces as they cling to parents, bob in overburdened boats, cry in the arms of volunteers on beachheads.
The public rarely sees them in school. Syrian refugee children are going to school, of course.
In fact, Deputy U.S. Secretary of State Anthony J. Blinken points out that today there are more Syrian children in Lebanese public schools than there are Lebanese.
But as Blinken said at a January 2016 Refugee …

Source: 5 challenges to accessing education for Syrian refugee children – Utne Altwire

Obamacare’s Faltering for One Simple Reason: Profit

Either Obamacare will include a universally-available, non-profit public option, or it will eventually expire. There is no third way.

There have been dozens if not hundreds of news articles about Aetna leaving the Affordable Health Care Act’s online marketplaces in eleven states, and whether this signals serious problems for Obamacare down the road.

But none of them have truly explained that what’s happening with Aetna is the consequence of a flaw built into Obamacare from the start: It permits insurance companies to make a profit on the basic healthcare package Americans are now legally required to purchase.

This makes Obamacare fundamentally different from essentially all systems of universal healthcare on earth. (There is one tiny exception, the Netherlands, but of the four insurance companies that cover 90 percent of Dutch citizens, just one is for profit.)

Why does this matter? The answer is…

Read more here: Obamacare’s Faltering for One Simple Reason: Profit

From the CURMUDGUCATION blog: Guest Post: “Is Integration Too Much Bother?”

guest post from Rita Rathbone, a teacher and blogger in NC. She writes regularly at Patiently Impatient.


The debate over charter schools has slowly spread into wider and wider circles of public discourse. In response to data supported concerns that charter schools are contributing to the resegregation of our schools, theNAACP and Black Lives Matter have expressed concerns. Some charter school advocates have taking an interesting stance in response. They propose that perhaps desegregating our schools is just too hard, too expensive, and too time consuming and simply shouldn’t be a goal or focus of education policy. A good example of this is a recent piece by Peter Cunningham. He leaves the reader with this question:

“So here’s the question: Should America spend hundreds of billions more to reduce poverty and should we risk more bitter battles to reduce segregation, or should we just double down on our efforts to improve schools? The liberal in me says we should do both. The pragmatist in me wonders…

Read the full blog post here: CURMUDGUCATION: Guest Post: Is Integration Too Much Bother?

Should struggling Michigan schools close? –

Should struggling Michigan schools close?

As Michigan policymakers examine the future of their state’s education, they may consider closing failing schools. Is it better for students to keep struggling schools afloat?

It would be a mistake for state officials to start closing underperforming Michigan schools for academic reasons because it would devastate communities while not improving student achievement, concerned educators said Wednesday.

Read more here: Should struggling Michigan schools close? –

WXYZ TV Editorial: Supporting students and teachers will move Michigan education forward! – from

WXYZ Editorial: Supporting students and teachers will moveMichigan education forward!

The last week of summer vacation is approaching. It’s time to prepare Michigan kids to go back to school. For parents and guardians, it’s one of their …

Source: WXYZ Editorial: Supporting students and teachers will move Michigan education forward! –

RNC pulls worst fundraising numbers in recent years | from OpenSecrets Blog

Even as talk in political circles has focused on the Trump campaign’s apparent reliance on the Republican National Committee for much of its basic voter mobilization effort in November, reports filed with the FEC over the weekend show the RNC having arguably the worst fundraising July in at least four presidential cycles.
The RNC reported receiving $27.2 million last month … read more

Source: RNC pulls worst fundraising numbers in recent years | OpenSecrets Blog

Spotlight on private prisons | OpenSecrets Blog

Federal private prisons are coming to an end, but federal lobbying by private prison companies has a deep record.
When the Department of Justice announced last week that it would phase out the use of private prisons, the news came as a blow to but one piece of a far larger industry  — one where federal private institutions are far outnumbered by state prisons and immigration detention centers …read more

Source: Spotlight on private prisons | OpenSecrets Blog


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