Michigan’s public colleges spend millions to subsidize athletics MLive report says

Comment: Division I athletes are no better than indentured servants but then of course many receive tuition waivers along with being “well fed” I suppose. Oh nevermind. Deleveraging, merging, collapsing already underway in slow motion. Massive institutional debt, uncontrollable enrollment bleed, continuing state cuts, flat economy, etc. are going to take out the weaker players. Just be patient. One day there won’t be 13 public universities in Michigan anyway. And not nearly as many unpaid athletes either. – JLS


From the report:

Michigan’s 13 public universities that offer NCAA-level sports spent $140 million last year to subsidize their athletic programs.

The dollar volume spent to fund athletics at EMU, WMU and CMU raises questions about how much Michigan taxpayers and students should pay for college sports.

The institutional funds used to subsidize athletics are made up largely of state allocations, tuition and students fees, and are the main pool of money that pays for academic programs.

And while EMU, WMU and CMU officials say they won’t move to a lower, and less costly, NCAA division, the schools also don’t clarify for students how much their athletic subsidy represents on a tuition bill.

Educators at EMU and WMU say they are increasingly concerned about the money flowing from tuition payments to athletic offices. They’re joining national voices that question college sports funding across the U.S.

Malcolm Getz, an associate professor of economics at Vanderbilt University, said students are often “kept in the dark” when it comes to how universities fund college athletics and the degree to which colleges are subsidizing sports.

At a time when average student debt is north of $25,000, “That should be a real head scratcher,” Getz said.

Read more here: Michigan’s public colleges spend millions to subsidize athletics | Michigan News –

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