CURMUDGUCATION blog:  Should We Close Schools for Low Performance?

Posted by Peter Greene 26 Aug 2016 

Over at Rick Hess’s EdWeek blog, guest blogger Deven Carlson (Poli Sci, Oklahoma U) considers the question of whether or not schools that show low performance. In the process, he illuminates some of the deeply flawed premises under which reformsters operate.

He opens by noting that school closure has been a popular policy approach since the days of No Child Left Behind.

The logic of closing low-performing schools is clear: Shutting down bad schools will remove students from these contexts and facilitate their transition to a better school. Improved academic outcomes will follow. In addition, the resources that had been devoted to the closed schools can be reallocated to those that remain open, which may contribute to their improvement.

The path of that logic is clear. But clarity doesn’t equal correctness. I can take nice clear pictures of a KKK rally; they’re still wrongheaded dopes.

Read more here:

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