Why Sanders’ Supporters Are Mad (& Why Everyone Else Should Be, Too)

I am writing this article with the hope that it will be useful to the people who are striving to change the fraudulent social & political narrative being peddled by the corporate news-media. I am also writing this article as a challenge to all those unjustly slandering progressives who won’t fall in line as “sore losers,” dismissing their claims as “conspiracy theories.”

This article will explain why they are not sore losers & why their claims that the primaries were unacceptably biased & that there is compelling evidence of fraud are not conspiracy theories. In fact, to deny either of these positions is — at best — irrational.

That’s right, irrational. And I’ll prove it by explaining just four fundamental problems with the “democratic” primaries that Sanders’ voters have rightly raised –:

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