Robert Scheer: Does Morgan Freeman Know He Lied to Us at the Democratic Convention? – Truthdig

Posted on Aug 1, 2016

By Robert Scheer

(From page 2 of 2 of his essay)

“The dominant message of the convention, aside from a truly obscene co-option of every bit of victimhood in the nation, including the “undocumented,” of whom Obama has deported in the millions, was Hillary’s lifelong concern for “the children.” Ah, yes, the children! Thank you, Morgan Freeman, for reminding us in the “Life of Hillary” film of the Children’s Defense Fund being the claimed essence of Hillary Clinton’s early career.

The film avoided the ugly fact that Clinton betrayed the beneficiaries of that fund and all children in poverty, beginning when she was first lady of Arkansas, proclaiming the virtues of a sham called “Project Success” as the best way to help poor women and their children. Project Success was a success only for those who wanted to decimate welfare.

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That plan, as I documented as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, forced welfare mothers to abandon mothering their children and take low-paying jobs at places like Wal-Mart and Tyson poultry, both of which Hillary Clinton represented as a lawyer with Atlanta’s Rose Law Firm, and theprogram was an atrocious failure.

But facts be damned. Project Success became the national model for President Clinton’s much-ballyhooed 1996 “welfare reform” that turned over the nation’s main anti-poverty program, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, to the tender mercies of the states.

That action was condemned byMarian Wright Edelman, founder of the same Children’s Defense Fund championed in Hillary’s bio, who said it “makes a mockery of his pledge not to hurt children.” Her husband, Peter Edelman, resigned in protest from the Clinton administration.

Undoubtedly, readers troubled by this column will quickly produce quotes establishing that Donald Trump wants to hurt poor children far more barbarically. But if that’s enough to float your boat as you hold your nose for Hillary, know that that is a truly depressing choice for the country.


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