In the Hillary Clinton Era, Democrats Welcome Lobbying Money Back Into the Convention

The Democratic convention is over. But guess who helped pay for all those balloons? Those who have a financial stake in what Hillary Clinton eventually decides to do if she beats Donald Trump and becomes president. That’s who. In the Clinton era, unlimited contributions to the convention host committee are once again welcome from lobbyists and political action committees — reversing an anti-corruption measure put in place in 2008 by President Obama. Outside the convention hall, Wall Street celebrated. And inside, Bernie Sanders delegates kept pushing the party to adopt policies that serve the interests of ordinary Americans, such as opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Hillary Clinton broke the second-to-last glass ceiling of her life this week, and many women at the Democratic convention celebrated. But not all. “Representation actually matters,” one delegate told reporter Alice Speri. But another said, “We’d rather have a man who’s really representing us.” Regardless, both sides are preparing for Clinton’s nomination to provoke even more misogyny from Trump and his supporters.

Dan Froomkin
Washington Editor
The Intercept

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