MEA – Retired recommended candidates for the August 2 primary

MEA-recommended candidates for the August 2 primary

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Dear Jeffrey,

     MEA’s Screening & Recommendation (S&R) process places control of MEA political recommendations in the hands of MEA members from across the state from diverse backgrounds and roles within the public education community. The process is governed by the MEA Political Action Committee (MEA-PAC) Council, made up of local delegates from MEA’s 62 coordinating councils.
     Recommendation decisions are based on candidate responses to questionnaires and interviews regarding education and labor issuesonly.
     Recommendations at the state level are made by the Statewide S&R Committee, which is composed of elected members from various parts of the state and job classifications.
The S&R process for legislative districts is controlled at the local level, where interviews and recommendation votes are taken by MEA members from those jurisdictions serving on local S&R Committees.

Due to that local control, the process for all races is not completed at the same time. If a recommendation is not on the list below, it simply means the process has not been completed as of the date noted and should not be viewed as passing judgment on those candidates or the importance of those races. The S&R process will continue through and after the Aug. 2 Primary Election.
Questions or concerns about this list should be directed to MEA Director of Public Affairs Doug Pratt (800-292-1934, MEA Member & Political Organizer Andy Neumann (800-292-1934,

President of the United States:  Hillary Clinton
State Board of Education:          John Austin
MSU Board of Trustees:             Dianne Byrum and Diann Woodard
U of M Board of Regents:           Larry Deitch and Denise Ilitch
NOTE: The Statewide S&R Committee will meet to interview candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court, Michigan Court of Appeals, State Board of Education and Wayne State University Board of Governors on Sept. 10.
U.S. Congress
1st District:               Lon Johnson
5th District:               U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee
7th District:               Gretchen Driskell
9th District:               U.S. Rep. Sander Levin
12th District:             U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell
13th District:             U.S. Rep. John Conyers
14th District:             U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence
Michigan State Senate (Special Election)
4th District:               Fred Durhal Jr.
Michigan State House
1st District:               Rep. Brian Banks
2nd District:              Carla Tinsley-Smith
5th District:               Fred Durhal III
6th District:               Rep. Stephanie Chang
8th District:               Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnago
5th District:               Gary Pollard
10th District:             Rep. Leslie Love
12th District:             Rep. Erika Geiss
13th District:             Rep. Frank Liberati
16th District:             Rep. Robert Kosowski
17th District:             Rep. Bill LaVoy
18th District:             Kevin Hertel
22nd District:            Rep. John Chirkun
24th District:             Dana Camphous-Peterson
25th District:             Rep. Henry Yanez
28th District:             Patrick Green
29th District:             Rep. Tim Greimel
30th District:             Michael Notte
31st District:            William Sowerby
34th District:             Rep. Sheldon Neeley
36th District:             Rep. Peter Lucido
37th District:             Rep. Christine Greig
40th District:             Nicole Bedi
48th District:             Rep. Pam Faris
49th District:             Rep. Phil Phelps
2016 Recommendations, cont.
50th District:             Tim Sneller
51st District:                         Ryan Bladzick
53rd District:             Yousef Rabhi
54th District:             Anne Brown
55th District:             Rep. Adam Zemke
56th District:             Tom Redmend
62nd District:            Jim Haadsma
64th District:             Ron Brooks
67th District:             Rep. Tom Cochran
68th District:             Rep. Andy Schor
69th District:             Rep. Sam Singh
71st District:                         Theresa Abed
83rd District:             Jim Frank
88th District:             Kim Nagy
91st District:                         Collene Lamonte
99th District:             Bryan Mielke
101st District:           Dan Scripps
Local Recommendations
Ingham County
County Clerk:                                  Barb Byrum
County Drain Commissioner:      Pat Lindemann
County Treasurer:                          Eric Schertzing
Ingham County Commission Districts:
1 – Victor Celentino
2 – Ryan Sebolt
3 – Sarah Anthony
4 – Brian Crenshaw
5 – Todd Tennis
7 – Kara Hope
9 – Carol Koenig
10 – Brian McGrain
11 – Teri Banas
12 – Deb Nolan
13 – Randy Schafer
2016 Recommendations, cont.
Ingham County, cont.
Delta Township Clerk:                   Mary Clark
Meridian Township Treasurer:   Julie Brixie
Meridian Township Clerk:           Gayelord Mankowski
Meridian Township Trustees:     Dan Opsommer, Phil Deschaine & Brett DeGroff
Delhi Township Trustee:              Jim Dravenstatt-Moceri
Macomb County
Prosecuting Attorney:                  Eric Smith
Sheriff:                                              Anthony Wickersham
Clerk/Register of Deeds:              Fred Miller
Treasurer:                                        Derek E. Miller
Public Works Commissioner:      Anthony V. Marrocco
Macomb County Commission Districts:
1 – Andrey Duzyj
2 – Marvin E. Sauger
3 – Veronica Klinefelt
4 – Liz Sierawski
5 – Robert Mijac
6 – Ken Reid
9 – Mark Brewer
10 – Robert A. Leonetti
11 – Kathy Tocco
12 – Bob Smith
Judge of Circuit Court, 16th Circuit Non-Incumbent Position:      Michael E. Servitto

Clinton Township Clerk:               George J Sobah

Clinton Township Treasurer:      Paul Gieleghem
Clinton Township Trustee:          Kenneth Pearl
Clinton Township Trustee:           Jenifer Jo West
Clinton Township Trustee:           Mike Keys
Clinton Township Trustee:           Ernest Hornung
Wayne County
Commission District 12:               Glen Anderson
Van Buren Twp Supervisor:        Kevin McNamara

Source: MEA – Retired

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