Jersey Jazzman: What We DON’T KNOW about Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Network

Diane Ravitch's blog

Jersey Jazzman has pulled together many of the questions that have been raised about the Gulen network of charter schools.

We know that there are many of them, at least 160. That makes it the second largest chain in the nation, behind KIPP.

We know that Gulen charter schools typically deny that they are part of the Gulen network, even though their board is composed primarily of Turkish men, and many if not most of their staff is Turkish.

We know that they operate in many states under different names. In California, they are the Magnolia Science Academy charter schools. In Arkansas, they are LISA Academies. In Indiana, they are the Indiana Math & Science Academies. In Nevada, they are CORAL Academies of Math & Science. In Ohio, they are the Horizon Science Academies, also the Noble Academies. In Texas, they are the Horizon Science Academies. In these and other…

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