How Hillary Can Win

But will she?


By announcing that she will write off ALL student loan debt.  Student debt was a big factor behind Bernie’s ascension.  Much of his money came as a result of those donating who looked to him to solve their financial nightmare they inherited after finishing 4 years of college…

Hillary can capitalize on that and bring in those youth still suspicious of her past motives. But she should add the punch line,”but if there is anything we learned from Obama’s 8 years,  it will take an entire Democratic Congress for me to accomplish that…”

And if she were to do this, she really wouldn’t have to do anything else during her tenure to address current inequality, since this one issue would be enough to right all wrongs..

Write off $1 trillion and let that money get spent in our economy instead of being sucked out.

In one fell swoop, it would transfer future…

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