CURMUDGUCATION: ICYMI: Kick Off July with These Great Reads

ICYMI: Kick Off July with These Great Read
Posted by Peter Greene,  03 Jul 2016

Lots of worthwhile reading from last week. And remember– you can keep up on many worthwhile bloggers just by using the links in the lefthand column. 

Debunking the Belief that Earlier Is Better

Rae Pica, known for her work at BAM Radio, comes to Parent Toolkit with a great explanation of why earlier is not, in fact, better.

The Politics of the Paragraph

I wrote about this article last week, and if you didn’t click through and read the whol thing, here’s your chance to correct that oversight.

Why Can’t My New Employees Write

Same thing. I wrote about this piece last week and you really should read this look at writing instruction.

Teach for America Has Gone Global, and Its Board Has Strange Ideas About What Poor Kids Need

“By promising innovative classroom techniques and inspirational leadership, the Teach for All model seeks to transform tremendous material deficits into a problem of character.” A super-solid look at one more attempt to expand the TFA model, and how that fits into the privatization agenda.

A New Argument for More Diverse Classrooms

I actually have mixed feelings here. I’m not sure we need an argument for mixed classrooms any more than we need an argument for co-ed schools– school needs to look like the world, period. But if you need an argument for diversity, here’s a good one.

Advanced Stage Charter Syndrome

Nancy Flanagan has been quietly kicking ass in the edu-blogging world for years. Here is a great piece from her about the ways in which the charter biz must inevitably show an ugly side.

It’s Like Invisible Drones

Nancy Bailey shows one more way to think of the data mining in schools and its bad effects.

How Can I Make My Students Republicans?

Clever, and worth a read. That’s all I’ll say.

Amidst a Catastrophic Budget Crisis, Louisiana Legislators Vote To Fully Fund a Charter Boarding School Forever

Do you have time to read one more example of charter school shenanigans? From Crazy Crawfish, one more example of how the charter biz can turn into a nest of vipers.

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