Big Education Ape: In Detroit, It’s Charter Schools Gone Wild

Writing in The New York Times, Kate Zernike documents a charter school disaster being perpetuated on Detroit children and families. It is a story of phony “choice,” not better schools.

It is a warning of what can happen to education in the United States if the charter school movement is allowed to grow unchecked and unregulated.Zernike’s opens with a focus on the experience of one family.

Damian and Omar Rivera attended a series of Detroit charter schools as their mother tried to offer them a brighter future.

Damian, the older son, initially was enrolled at a charter school across the street from their home. He earned top grades and dreamed of becoming an engineer, until he was accepted into a special program at the University of Michigan where he discovered he knew far less about almost everything than similar students from Detroit public schools.

Ana Rivera pulled her son out of the charter and sent him to a Catholic school, where charter school A’s suddenly turned into Catholic School D’s. Damian is now a discouraged learner.

According to Zernike…

Follow the link to the full blog post: Big Education Ape: In Detroit, It’s Charter Schools Gone Wild

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