Final Update on the Oregon Results

The Final Results

Anyway, the Board of Elections recently certified it’s Oregon results and I’m happy to see that their totals agree with my totals from the county-level data. The final tally rests at:

Bernie Sanders | 57.2% ←correct
360,829 votes ←good number
Hillary Clinton | 42.8% ←correct
269,846 votes ←also correct

Total Democratic Ballots Cast: 641,595 ←good
Votes for Sanders & Clinton: 630,675 ←good

Meanwhile, the Associated Press can’t be bothered to update their total and they’re still broadcasting the same thing that they were broadcasting on May 18th:

Bernie Sanders | 56% ←wrong
320,746 votes ←stupid & wrong
Hillary Clinton | 44% ←no, bad
251,739 votes ←still bad

Total Democratic Ballots Cast: 572,485 ←silly number

Now, I’d like to quickly shine a spotlight on how terrible the AP is at reporting things…

Proof That the Associated Press
Just Reports Whatever They Want To

“News” websites across the internet have been broadcasting the AP’s incorrect numbers for Oregon since May 18th (despite the fact that all of them could’ve gotten the right numbers from an obscure Oregonian poet who found them & posted them for free). But it wasn’t just the AP’s totals that were incorrect — their “projected” (made-up) percent-reporting was way off, too!

They said that Oregon was “96% reporting.” Well, their total of 572,485 votes ended up being a mere 89.2% of the actual total. And Oregon isn’t the only state — the AP is still ignoring about a half-of-a-million votes in New York, Maryland, Ohio, Arizona, & Illinois, alone! If you add California to that list, the AP’s ignoring well over a million votes — and that’s not even the end! *see note

My question is this, my friends — what exactly is the AP being paid for, again?