Why I am #BernieOrBust (& Why You Should Be, Too) | the writing of john laurits

The Third Evil

We’ve probably all heard some talk about voting he lesser of two evils,” lately — but I’d like to shine a light on the third evil, which is often ignored, though it is far greater than the other two.

The third evil is that evil which is asking us to choose 
between what it holds in it’s right hand & it’s left hand.

Choose,” it says — yet, in your gut, you know this is not choosing. In truth, even as the third evil asks you to choose, it is destroying the very possibility of choice. I have watched as it terrified the people with one hand and comforted them with the other — but both hands belong to the same body and each are reaching for the same thing: your compliance.

I watched my parents vote for the lesser of two evils — and where has it gotten us?
Has the lesser evil ever reversed climate-change?
It has not — the earth continues to suffer beneath us.
Has the lesser evil ever helped the millions of humans in our prisons? 
It has not — our prison populations are growing as I write this.
Has the lesser evil ever protected us from the financial institutions that prey on us?
It has not — in fact, it has protected them from us.
Has the lesser evil ever stopped the seemingly endless wars?
It has not — in fact, since leaving Vietnam, in 1975, we’ve only had 5 years of peace.
Has the lesser evil ever reversed our increasing income-inequality?
It has not — every year, income inequality only grows larger.

Honestly, has the lesser evil ever made things better? At best, you could say that the lesser evil has occasionally not made things “as worse” as the other evil, perhaps, would have — well, thank god that we didn’t vote for them!

The truth is that there is no lesser evil. There is only one and we do have a choiceWe give up that choice when we fall for the lie that there are only two — don’t let anybody trick you into not using your choice!

Read John’s full blog post at this link:
Why I am #BernieOrBust (& Why You Should Be, Too)

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