Democracy Watch: The ‘New’ Detroit Public Schools is Separate, Unequal | ACLU of Michigan

During the June 9, 2016 public meeting of what will soon be known as the “old” school board, the district’s current emergency manager—Judge Steven Rhodes, who presided over the City of Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings—hailed the resurrection of democracy in Detroit’s public school system.

“This [legislation] returns control of education back to the people of Detroit,” Rhodes declared.

When asked how that statement can be true given the role of the appointed financial review commission, Rhodes said that, because he hadn’t had the opportunity to fully review the newly passed legislation, he was “not in a position to answer that question.”

The ACLU of Michigan followed up, asking Rhodes in an e-mail to provide an answer to that question now that he has had ample time to fully digest the legislation.

We are still waiting for his answer.

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