Being a father or a father-figure: AN ACT OF GOOD


Got this nice note from my brother this morning. Fatherhood was not to be for him but for his decades worth of classroom students he is a terrific role model and father-figure, which is plenty IMHO.
“Happy Fathers’ Day to you, thanks for being a good one. And that includes being a significant figure to probably thousands of young people. That’s a contribution–an Act of Good–that makes a difference and just keeps on multiplying. We don’t usually see the results but others will.
I commend to you a continuing story by a gifted teller. It’s part of series called COAL: Cars of A Lifetime on a website I visit called Curbside Classic. I haven’t read the latest installment but will do so later today. You won’t be sorry you read these. By the way, read the bottom one first and go upward on the page. If it’s not to your taste, pass it along; this guy is good.”
And so per his instructions, I am passing the link along to you!
Jeff Salisbury… “Mister Journalism”… Read, Share, Discuss, Learn

What do you mean I’m an old man? How did that happen? Last thing I remember I was 16, had just gotten my NYS learner’s permit, and was eying used Oldsmobile ads in the local newspaper. And now I…

Follow this link: Curbside Classic

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