CURMUDGUCATION: Pearson’s Cyber-Kindergarten Sales Pitch

Here’s an idea parents:  ‘virtual kindergarten’ for fun and profits!

Pearson’s Cyber-Kindergarten Sales Pitch

Education blogger Peter Greene writes, “So I stumbled across the Connections Academy blog Virtual Learning Connections (a friendly resource supporting K-12 school from home).

In particular, I stumbled across this post– “5 Reasons Why Parents Choose Virtual School Kindergarten.

The piece is written by Carrie Zopf, a teacher at one of the Conections Academies. Connection Academy is the virtual charter chain purchased by Pearson in 2011, and they would love to just hook your five year old up to a screen.

And it is from way back in 2014, but it still gives me the heebie-jeebies.

It’s a great little listicle, combining the sales pitch with the “everybody’s doing it and here’s why” peer reinforcement. So what are these five great reasons to put your child in virtual kindergarten?”


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