What is “democracy?”

I’ve said from the beginning — from the very first article that I penned on the subject — that we can have this, if we want it. I stand by it, today. But — for me, at least — this has become something more than a race for the presidential nomination. This is a struggle for the very soul of our country and, by the time July is finished, we will have answered the question — “do we live in a democracy?”

And we will have answered that question — not with words or clever arguments or by cleverly exploiting the establishment’s rules — but we will have answered the question with our actions.

Democracy exists because of our actions or it doesn’t exist at all.

The Writing of John Laurits


Greetings, my brothers, my sisters, & my others — firstly, my apologies for not having written to you all for a couple of days. At the moment, I am working on some very different math and, although it is a bit more time-consuming, I think that it will be worth the effort & the wait…

In the few minutes that I can steal to be alone, these days — between the number-crunching & the research — I’ve been asking myself some important questions and I hope it’s alright with you all that it is about these important questions — not math — that I write to you, tonight.

What is “democracy?”

Democracy — that’s a word that I’ve heard a lot, having grown up in the United States of America. Like “freedom” or “justice,” it seems to me that democracy is a word that has been used so much & so…

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