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hird grade teacher Anita Parameswaran is no stranger to students who have experienced trauma. She has taught kids who have experienced the effects of abuse, neglect and divorce. She had one student experience a huge setback when he learned his father was arrested and sent to jail. The student then became violent, throwing things, and hurting other students, according to Parameswaran.

Her main goal quickly became trying to keep him in class, whether or not he was able to engage fully in the activities. She would set short term goals, like focusing for 15 minutes. She tried to make his day feel very predictable, so he knew what was coming every ten minutes. These were some of the steps suggested by a program called Unconditional Education, run by Seneca Family of Agencies, a non-profit focused on the mental health and well-being of children. They work with Parameswaran and staff at Daniel Webster Elementary in San Francisco.

US Making a Deadly Mistake in Afghanistan, Says Former Diplomat | Opinion | teleSUR English

Source: US Making a Deadly Mistake in Afghanistan, Says Former Diplomat | Opinion | teleSUR English

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US Making a Deadly Mistake in Afghanistan, Says Former Diplomat
By: Charles Davis

The war that Barack Obama promised to end two years ago is instead being expanded again, with reports of more airstrikes and ground combat to come, and a former top State Department official who resigned the last time the U.S. president surged in Afghanistan says all the latest escalation will achieve is a longer war with a lot more dead.

Afghanistan: The Forever-War We Never Question

Last year was the worst year on record for Afghan civilians, according to the United Nations: at least 3,545 innocent men, women and children were killed and another 7,457 injured, beating the previous worst year on record since the United States invaded in 2001—the one before. A change, then, is needed, but the definition of idiocy is U.S. military policy, so the change that is coming is more of the same militarism that brought us to where we are today: renewed airstrikes against the Taliban insurgency and more deployments of U.S. troops on the frontlines.

“The renewed airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan will have the same effect as the thousands and thousands of previous airstrikes we have conducted against the Afghan insurgency,” said Matthew Hoh, a former U.S. diplomat in Afghanistan who resigned from his post in 2009 to protest the war.

By that time, President Obama had deployed 30,000 more troops since taking office to fight al-Qaida and the Taliban; six weeks after Hoh quit, Obama sent another 30,000, roughly tripling the size of the U.S. occupation he inherited from President George W. Bush.



Free fishing in Michigan; free mercury too? 

More than 50 Michigan scientists sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Schuette requesting he drop his fight against the Environmental Protection Agency’s federal Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

Read the report from Michigan Radio here: Free fishing in Michigan; free mercury too? | Michigan Radio

What is #ExitPollGate? | the writing of john laurits

What is #ExitPollGate?

by John Laurits

What is #ExitPollGate?   Greetings, my brothers, sisters, & others — I have something special for you all today! As I’ve already explained with the last two articles (here & here), it is of the utmost importance that we shed as much light as we can on the dishonesty & corruption of the DNC, the Clinton-Machine, […]

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Is Elizabeth Warren a Phony Progressive for Failing to Endorse Bernie Sanders? 

Cenk Uygur of “The Young Turks” views the progressive senator’s behavior during the Democratic primary—which perplexed many of her supporters—as a sign of misunderstanding the tactics of power.

First off, for reasons that are borne out by her history, both outside of government and inside government, I do believe that she is a progressive at heart, a real progressive and not just a politician scheming for her own personal gain.

I believe that she genuinely thought that the best way to keep progressive ideals alive was to make sure there was a voice for progressives in the very likely event that Hillary Clinton won. That is a calculation that she made. Now, you could say hey, I’m being overly generous to her or I’m being naive about it, and that is possible, but that’s my sincere belief.

On the other hand… boy she could have made a big difference.

Source: Is Elizabeth Warren a Phony Progressive for Failing to Endorse Bernie Sanders? – Truthdig