CURMUDGUCATION blog post:     Common Core Standards (Still) Don’t Cut It

The slightly-cranky voice navigating the world of educational “reform” while trying to still pursue the mission of providing quality education.

Common Core Standards (Still) Don’t Cut It

Posted by Peter Greene: 10 Jun 2016 09:15 AM PDT

Every few years the ACT folks unleash a big ole survey to find out what’s actually going on Out There in the world of school stuff. This year’s survey drew at least 2,000 respondents each from elementary and secondary schools, as well as college and workplace respondents. The whole package is eighty-eight pages, and I’ve read it, and while you don’t have to, you might still want to.

There are several themes that emerge, but the big one is pretty simple–

Common Core is a bust.

Not news, I know. But still always comforting to see further confirmation. Let’s break this report down section by section and see what we’ve got…

Read the full blog post here: CURMUDGUCATION

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