Trading Spaces: Beekeeping Edition

My Adventures in Beekeeping

trading spaces logo.png

Remember the TLC show Trading Spaces? I think it was the home remodeling show that paved the way for the MANY shows that exist now! I remember when it was all the rage. For those of you who may have missed this trend, the premise was two neighbors would “trade spaces” for the weekend and remodel (a bedroom, a den, a living room) and then there was this great reveal at the end. Of course the show featured designers with pretty wild styles and those styles did not always mesh well with that of the homeowners, so the excitement in the big reveal at the end was to see if the homeowners loved the new digs or hated them (sometimes they really did hate them).

Last week my husband and I had the privilege of playing Trading Spaces with some unsuspecting bees. We can only hope they love their new…

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