CURMUDGUCATION: Pearson & Irony Overload

Posted by Peter Greene: 05 Jun 2016 08:28 AM PDT

Here’s an article about a familiar topic in education– “Why Teachers Are Leaving the Classroom, and the Effort To Get More To Stay.”

True, the topic has been hit pretty thoroughly, but one more piece on the topic can’t hurt and perhaps this particular website reaches a different audience than– wait. What?

Yes, this article about the teacher shortage is on LearnED, the website covering News About Learning and operated by Pearson. Yes, that Pearson. The All Your Education Business Are Belong To Us Pearson.

So. What does Pearson know about the teacher shortage and how to fix it? Well, strap on your irony impact helmets, boys and girls. This ride is short, but it’s designed for maximum psychic whiplash.

Source: CURMUDGUCATION: Pearson & Irony Overload

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