The Real Numbers: New Jersey!

As always, John does an excellent job of recapping the unfolding results and realistically assessing the road to Philadelphia.

The Writing of John Laurits


Greetings, my friends — and a very special kind of welcome to you, as well, my trolls! Today, we’re going to talk about New Jersey. The Garden State — the state where Bernie Sanders’ most-awesome message of people-powered democracy has yet to be reflected positively in the polls and a state which only the wildest dreamers, poets, & optimistic fools believe Sanders could win –!

Well, first, I’d like you to know that I’m fully aware that — right after I say what I’m about to say — my opponents, detractors, & trolls will be blowing up the comment section (& my inbox) with cynical laughter and cruel derision but —

I believe that we have a chance in New Jersey — and I say that with a straight face.

And why not? Those who have eyes, let them see & those who have ears, let them hear! Doesn’t the very existence of this movement…

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