The Baylor Crisis Isn’t About Football. It’s About Women’s Lives. | reposted from Sojourners

“This is not a story about the demolition of the Baylor football team. This is a story about how Baylor failed hundreds of women.”


In the past week, we’ve all seen the news of upheaval at Baylor University: its president Kenneth Starr reassigned (he later resigned as chancellor), its star football coach Art Briles suspended with intent to terminate, its athletic director Ian McCaw sanctioned (he later resigned) — all after an independent review summarized the administration’s failure to properly investigate reports of sexual assault over a number of years.

This has been largely passed off as a sports story — fallout from the sexual assault convictions of former players Tevin Elliott and Sam Ukwuachu. The fact that there was more to the story:

The Baylor Crisis Isn’t About Football. It’s About Women’s Lives. | Sojourners

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