Wheat Belly Diet:  Quick & Dirty-2 | By Dr. William Davis

Good morning Facebook friends, relatives and fellow grain/sugar-free folks!

Haven’t checked in for awhile to post a progress/update.

May was a frustrating month for me having broken one barrier earlier in the month by dropping below 230. Just seemed I was yo-yo-ing all month.

But in recent days I really ratcheted up my protein intake and experienced a good speed up in metabolism and weight loss.

I began, as some of my Facebook followers know, at about 280 (279.9 to be more precise) in late August 2015 after watching a repeat (his original was from 2012 I believe) of Dr. Davis’ on his PBS pledge-week special. I was not familiar with the detox approach, but rather devised my own plan based on his “Quick & Dirty Part 2” outline.

At first, I simply eliminated toast and cereal and orange juice as my normal breakfast and switched to bacon and eggs or omelettes and green tea.

I did that for a week or so and at about the same time, if we were out to eat, I ordered sandwiches either with no bun or bread. I was thrilled with how easy that was and how well I felt doing it.

And I was amazed how fast my ankles and facial edema and inflammation melted away. Soon enough the actually pounds/weight-loss followed. I initial goal was to lose the 70 of the 279.9 and crack the 210 barrier in 12 months.

By the end of October I accepted a Facebook page/group challenge to take a walk everyday of November – rain – shine – snow – whatever. I did it and can count on one hand the number of days I’ve missed since then.
Indoors on my treadmill or at our high school or at a mall.

I began feeling (and looking if I do say so myself) terrific! Now, enough of all that.

This morning, the last day of May 2016, the scales read 222.7! —- 57.2 pounds!

12.8 pounds from my goal weight of 209.9!

And there’s 91 days to go until the end of August to accomplish just that!

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One thought on “Wheat Belly Diet:  Quick & Dirty-2 | By Dr. William Davis

  1. Jeff: I began Weight Belly on May 13th. I had previously lost 65 lbs and wanted to keep it off. Since the 13th, I have lost around 7 lbs. I really like this way of eating, and do not find it limiting at all!
    -Laura (Paton) Tooker

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