From the CURMUDGUCATION blog:  ESSA = Regulatory Baloney

ESSA: Regulatory Baloney

Posted by Peter Greene: 28 May 2016 10:35 AM PDT

Legislators write and pass laws. But the laws they create are sometimes vague and sometimes contradictory, a weird quilt of intentions and tissue. So it falls to other parts of the government to turn laws into regulations. And that’s where we are now with the Every Student Succeeds Act (the latest version of the Big Bunch O’Federal Education Laws, the sequel to No Child Left Behind).

Many eyes (not all eyes, unfortunately– it would be great if all eyes were paying attention, but eyes have been diverted by the dumpster fires that are our primary season, among other things) have been watching John King and the Department of Education, because it’s at this stage of the game that King gets to “interpret” ESSA to suit his own ideas of what it ought to say.

This is what Arne Duncan was talking about last December when he told Politico that the USED lawyers were smarter than the members of Congress,

and this is what Lamar Alexander has been talking about in his scorching calls to war against John King’s USED

. Alexander has been crystal clear– if King tries to turn himself into America’s School Superintendent, Alexander is going to come after the secretary with every garden tool in the Congressional woodshed.

Read the full blog post here: CURMUDGUCATION: ESSA: Regulatory Baloney

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