Math vs. Media Part Two: This is What Will Happen at the Democratic Convention | Greedy Outdated Politicians

Feel the Math

On account of the “yuge” response and the sustained interest in the topic, I have decided to publish a hastily-written follow-up article to “This is How the Democratic Primaries Will End,” which will address the most popular challenges that I found in the comment sections, while offering you another round of sound, promising-looking numbers to bolster the Berners’ already-unshakable resolve.

The Clinton-Machine, the DNC, and the media want us to believe that the fight is over — and, my friends, if we do believe that, then it will be over. Which is why we must refuse to accept their shaky narrative, no matter how many times the million-dollar troll-army repeats it! They may have all the power and money but they still don’t get to think for us — we will dispel their silly illusions with fearlessness, solidarity, tenacity, and, strangely, arithmetic.

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