Politico Exposes Clinton Campaign ‘Money-Laundering’ Scheme – Bernie Sanders

“You cannot exploit a broken campaign finance system one day and vow to get big money out of politics the next.” – Jeff Weaver, Bernie 2016 campaign manager

“Secretary Clinton has exploited the rules in ways that let her high-dollar donors like Alice Walton of Wal-Mart fame and the actor George Clooney and his super-rich Hollywood friends skirt legal limits on campaign contributions. If Secretary Clinton can’t raise the funds needed to run in a competitive primary without resorting to laundering, how will she compete against Donald Trump in a general election?”

Source: Politico Exposes Clinton Campaign ‘Money-Laundering’ Scheme – Bernie Sanders

Of Mice and Bees – My Adventures in Beekeeping

I apologize for my absence, but we’ve been in the process of moving. We made the decision on a bit of a whim, but my husband is a builder and has always dreamed of building his own home. We threw our house on the market and were shocked when it sold in about 12 hours… and its been a whirlwind since then! We’ll be spending the next 8-10 months in an apartment while we build the new house, but bought 3.5 acres, so we’ll have plenty of room for bees!

This year we came out of the winter more successful than the last couple. We have one good, strong hive still alive! *Insert pause for celebratory dancing!* Up until a couple of weeks ago, we had two seemingly good, strong hives alive, but one of them died off in the last few cold days of spring. We were confused as, sure we’d had a cold snap, but nothing unmanageable, even for a small end-of-season cluster. Maybe a handful of bees were left, so when it warmed up just enough, we dumped those bees into the surviving hive.

Once it really warmed up and we were able to get into the hive and really analyze the remains. The only thing out of the ordinary was…

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How our constitution is going Up In Smoke! – The hypocrisy of Michigan’s “constitutional conservatives” 

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