Wheat Belly Seminar:  How to remove grains from your diet, what to replace it with – and WHY!

“It’s time to unlearn everything you know about food. Let me give you two powerful videos to learn the new simple formula to feel great and create simple weight loss.” – Dr. William Davis (pictured above)

Readers, friends & relatives:

Since August 2015, when I weighed in at 279.9 pounds, I’ve been following the so-called “Wheat Belly” diet & lifestyle.

As I approach mid-April, I’m pleased to have lost over 50 pounds

226.3 just the other morning.

While I had several intermediate goals to keep me motivated, my ultimate goal was to lose the 79.9 within 12 months. Once I broke into the 220s I was lighter than I’d been since 2009 when I retired from teaching.

Once I drop below 220, I would need to go back to the late 1970s when I was jogging regularly.

Before that, I was about 210 in the fall of 1968 when I was just married and not quite 20 years old.

The journey is not complete, but I can see all those intermediate goals in the near future.

Dr. Wiliam Davis, cardiologist, author and researcher created a powerful short video series to answer the personal questions of the Wheat Belly community on how to remove grain from your diet, what to replace it with – and WHY. Because here’s the truth: When it comes to food, we have to throw out everything we’ve been taught and simply start over. http://bit.ly/WheatBellyVideos

 – Jeff Salisbury

Source: Wheat Belly Seminar

Donald Trump made light impression on the Clinton White House – The Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — Well before Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a politician “trafficking in prejudice and paranoia,” there were decades of amiability. She posed, grinning widely, for a photograph with him and two of his sons. He was on the White House Christmas list. They would cross paths at glittering New York parties. She attended his wedding reception.

The early phases of that respectful, if not especially close, relationship were detailed in a trove of papers released Tuesday by the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.
Even after the Clintons left Washington and settled in New York to build their charitable foundation and her own political career, Trump and the Clintons coexisted perfectly reasonably. For a time, at least, they mutually benefited from exposure to one another’s worlds.

The relationship appeared far more rooted in work than pleasure. Trump enjoyed the buzz of attending the same glittery events as the powerhouse political stars. He also poured money into the Clinton charitable operation and donated modestly to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

Source: Donald Trump made light impression on the Clinton White House – The Boston Globe