From Michigan Radio: > Flint Mayor to sue state & DEQ> Some cities struggling to find lead pipes> Dairy Industry wants Flint families to have plenty of milk

Flint’s mayor has notified the state a lawsuit is in the works over the city’s water crisis. The notice of intent to sue names the state of Michigan, the state Department of Environmental Quality, and four DEQ water officials.

Ari Adler is Governor Rick Snyder’s communications director. He says if the lawsuit is filed, that would complicate discussions between the state and the city.

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Some cities know where lead water service lines are, others have “very rough to no idea”

The water crisis in Flint revealed that the city really has no clue where its lead service lines are. UM-Flint estimated there are at least 4,000 lead service lines in Flint, but there are another 11,000 lines that are made of an “unknown” material. 

To make things more confusing, the EPA is finding even homes where records show the service line is lead, when they dig up the line, the line is not made of lead.

A service line is the pipe that gets water from the water main under the road into your home.

Flint is not alone. Many cities don’t have a good estimate of how many lead pipes remain in their communities and where they’re buried.

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New initiative aims to get milk to Flint families

Water donations have been pouring into Flint for months, because of the city’s lead-contaminated tap water.

Now, the United Dairy Industry of Michigan wants to make sure Flint families also have plenty of milk.

A new initiative aims to get people to donate 1 million glasses of milk to help children who’ve been exposed to lead.

It’s part of of larger effort to shift the focus in Flint from water to nutrition.

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