Opting In: In Pennsylvania, you can’t give a child an IQ test without parental permission. Imagine that.

Opting In

Posted by Peter Greene of the CURMUDGCATION blog: 24 Mar 2016

CURMUDGUCATIONDuring yesterday’s professional development session, we were reminded of a fun fact.

In the state of Pennsylvania, you can’t give a child an IQ test without parental permission.

The IQ test. Controversial and highly debatable, but well know, moderately well understood, and extensively tested over the decades. Everybody kind of knows what it’s for and what it measures. A longstanding part of the educational landscape.

And yet– the school cannot give your child that test without your permission.

Imagine if we did that with the Big Standardized Test in every state. Imagine if we recognized parental authority when it came to administering Big Standardized Tests to children. Imagine if the state and the school had to get parental permission before administering to your child the PARCC or SBA or PSSA or WhateverTheHellAnagramYourStateIsPlayingAt. Imagine if the people fighting so hard against opt out had to fight to get everyone to opt in.

Could they make a case for the tests? Could they convince parents that there is some useful reason for building an educational system around high stakes testing?

We know the answer. They know the answer. That’s why they’ve kept making sure that the force of law is behind the BS Tests.

But if I have to ask permission to give an IQ test, why not the same for the BS Test?


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