From the CURMUDGUCATION blog: Misunderstanding the Common Core


Misunderstanding the Core

Posted: 08 Mar 2016 08:39 AM PST

In today’s New York Times, Kevin Carey says that Donald Trump does not understand the Common Core.

He’s not wrong, but as I read his piece, I suspect that Carey doesn’t understand the Core, either.

Kevin Carey is the education policy program director for the New America Foundation. NAF bills itself as a non-partisan thinky tank based in DC. Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, is chair of the NAF board. Their over-a-million-dollar funders include the Gates Foundation and the US State Department. He has beaten the drum in the past for the terrible awfulness of US education at all levels.

His main point is solid– when Drumpf and the rest proclaim they will rip the Core straight out of the federal gummint, they are slinging high-grade baloney. The Core cannot be removed from federal laws and regulations for the same reason that I can’t stop Shakira from sending me torrid love notes every day.

The Core have no place in regulation; this, of course, is one of the advantages of pushing a policy initiative through a well-financed network of billionaire-supported organizations that push policy, create supportive PR, and credential their own operatives to move into governance and leadership roles. If Drumpf or Cruz really wanted to do something, they could….

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