20 Tuition-Free Colleges – Affordable Schools

Do tuition-free colleges actually exist? Yes. The words “free” and “college tuition” are normally not found in the same sentence, however, students looking for a college or even an Ivy League education with the option of either free tuition or other financial assistance can start their journey reviewing this informative article for some of the […]

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From Sojourners: It’s Embarrassing to Be an Evangelical This Election

By Jim Wallis 02-25-2016

When introduced to speak on the road during our America’s Original Sin book tour as an “evangelical” Christian, the large, racially diverse, and intergenerational audiences who have been smiling with great enthusiasm look very perplexed and ask, “What?”

“Let me explain,” I find myself saying in the face of the fact that Donald Trump has now captured the votes of more “evangelicals” in the Republican primaries than any other candidate.

First, I point out that when the media says “evangelicals” they really mean “white evangelicals” and virtually never measure the opinions and voting practices of black, brown, or even young evangelicals.

In fact, they don’t even ask religious identity questions of Democratic primary voters where many of the black, brown, and young evangelicals may be voting. It is older white evangelicals who are mostly voting in the Republican primaries and now are increasingly supporting Donald Trump.

“What?” is indeed the right question.

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MLive.com reports: Company warned Michigan of Flint water health risks 11 months ago; Snyder claims he thought the water problems were limited to color and odor

This has to be the most lame excuse for not looking into lead, cancer and other serious diseases borne by or related to the Flint River water usage:
His spokesman now claims the governor thought the problem was limited to
a. the water’s color, and
b. the water’s odor
— so that’s what his focus was on. It was only later that he now claims he found out there were other more serious issues.
Is our governor that dumb? Or does he just think we are?



Company warned Michigan of Flint water health risks 11 months ago

on February 25, 2016

Two appointees of Gov. Rick Snyder met with a private company to consider a new water disinfection system for Flint nearly a year ago and were warned of the potential for health and infrastructure problems tied to a cancer-causing byproduct of heavy chlorination.

Read the full story here: Company warned Michigan of Flint water health risks 11 months ago | MLive.com