Michigan needs more construction & skilled trades workers; apprenticeship programs available

Just Google the phrase “construction worker shortage Michigan” –

After decades of  the “college for all” mantra, too many K-12 public schools have divested themselves of their vocational and traditional “shop” classes. Intermediate school district “tech centers” have picked up SOME of the slack, but interest in skilled trades has waned as more and more school counselors and parents have pushed, pulled and prodded students into the mindset that the jobs of tomorrow will require a post-secondary, if not 4-year degree.

Well beyond the fact that such claims are exaggerated to say the least, the job openings of TODAY, while demanding SOME post-secondary training or certification (less than a 4-year degree), are waiting for applicants who just are not there to be interviewed.

But the Michigan Laborer’s District Council has some advice for not only high school students, but under-employed young people interested in combining brains & brawn so to speak. Jobs and apprenticeships for jobs await!

By Geno Alessandrini Sr., business manager of the Michigan Laborers’ District Council, an affiliation of 13,000 construction workers who are members of the Laborers’ International Union of North America.


The Michigan Laborers’ Training & Apprenticeship Program gives construction contractors and workers access to a training program that is one of the best in the industry. The skills learned make union construction laborers the safest and most productive in the industry. Our union and signatory contractors are committed to not only ensuring our workers are highly skilled, but that every worker returns home safe to their family after a day of work.The facts matter: we need more skilled trade workers across the entire construction industry, workers that are well-trained, understand the critical importance of a safe worksite and earn a family supporting wage.


To read the full op-ed go here: Alessandrini: We need more construction workers

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