In Cleveland, they built it, and riders came

ROI… return on investment… lordy what a ridiculous phrase to use (see below and follow the link to the article) when it comes to public services that serve “the public good” – the investment in helping people get to work or places of business or doctors visits or public schools and colleges or tourists and visitors is borne out by the fact people can accomplish all of that and more without have to own or rent a private vehicle because they are beyond their means or such ownership is otherwise simply impractical. Sometimes – no, very nearly always – there is no profit in providing public services because it is simply what living and working in society is all about as part and parcel of our collective responsibility for one another.

The lessons of Cleveland’s HealthLine bus rapid transit are many, including the need for wide community support for the project to succeed.

The BRT line that was constructed beginning in 2005 opened three years later, at a total cost of $200 million, about half provided by the federal government. Today, Calabrese said, it boasts the highest return on investment for any public transit project in the country – $114 for every dollar spent. 

The key seemed to be to give riders not only a shiny new bus line, but significantly improved service along the way.

Read the full article here: Bridge • The Center for MichiganIn Cleveland, they built it, and riders came

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