Mad Scientists Take on Education


Mad Scientists Take on Education

by Emily Talmage

Each year, computer scientists from around the world take part in the International Conference on Machine Learning

.Sponsored by groups like Facebook, Microsoft, the National Science Foundation, and Alibaba (the organization responsible for China’s controversial “Sesame Credit” program), ICML showcases the latest research on artificial intelligence and its uses in fields like education.“Education remains an outdated process that requires extensive human effort from course instructors and students,” the hosts of last summer’s “Machine Learning for Education” workshop wrote in a call for paper submissions.In a series of sessions with titles like “Grand challenges in Educational Data Mining,” “Machine Learning for Spaced Repetition and Variable Rewards,” and “Deep Knowledge Tracing,” scientists and mathematicians presented their latest algorithms to get computers to learn from people and people to learn from computers.BF Skinner, original developer of the teaching machine, would no doubt be highly impressed.Parents, on the other hand, should be on high alert.

Why? Well, follow the link : Mad Scientists Take on Education

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