Self-Described Union Basher is “Born Again” Through Arbitration Journey |


Genesee County paraeducator Sharon Campbell can’t help but see the irony.

For 16 years, she worked with cognitively impaired young adults, teaching them what they would need to know to successfully navigate in the world: independent living skills, such as personal grooming, cooking, and house-keeping. Plus the social skills to land a job and keep it.

“There was never a day I didn’t look forward to seeing my students,” she said.

“My students were my heart. They were like my kids. I loved them like I did my own.”

Then she was fired, and the woman whose job was to teach others how to live found her own world spinning out of control.
“It’s ironic, isn’t it? I’m getting all emotional now, just talking about it,” she said. “It was absolutely devastating to me. I still haven’t processed it all.”
The part of her story she still couldn’t process days later – what felt like a dream – was the moment she learned her deepest wish had come true. In mid-January, more than a year after her dismissal, an arbitrator ruled in Campbell’s favor in a grievance filed against the Genesee County Intermediate School District.
And there’s a deeper irony, too: Campbell would have missed out on the help she needed to win if she hadn’t reconsidered dropping her MEA membership.

Source: Self-Described Union Basher is “Born Again” Through Arbitration Journey |

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