MI Public Radio: Covering Flint’s Water Crisis


Covering Flint’s Water Crisis
Over the past few weeks, Flint’s water crisis has exploded as a huge national story, with coverage in The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Rolling Stone, as well as national TV news shows. Michigan Radio has been covering this story from the very beginning, including the city’s 2014 water supply switch to the Flint River and the first citizen complaints about the smell and taste of the city’s tap water. 
Our reporters have also been explaining the story to listeners nationwide on shows like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, The Rachel Maddow Show, Here & Now, The Diane Rehm Show and On Point, and many local public radio station shows around the country. Last weekend, Lindsey Smith’s documentary about the crisis, “Not Safe to Drink”

 was distributed nationally by the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal to public radio stations all over the country.

You can count on Michigan Radio to bring you the latest developments in this ongoing news story. Find all our coverage on the Flint water crisis here

Fear prevents some undocumented immigrants from getting water in Flint


Some Spanish-speaking residents in the city are just now finding out that lead contamination has made the water unsafe to drink. 


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