When It Comes To Assault Rifles, The Gun Industry Has A New Friend: The New York Times.

When It Comes To Assault Rifles, The Gun Industry Has A New Friend: The New York Times.

by mikethegunguy

There’s a video floating around that shows Rupert Neate, a reporter from The Guardian, being heaved out of the Shot Show because he walked up to the Smith & Wesson display and began asking a company employee about an assault rifle ban.  This conversation took place as a member of Smith & Wesson’s marketing team happily placed an assault rifle in Neate’s hands and kept referring to it as a “modern sporting rifle,” although to be fair the gun, known as the AR-15 Sporter, fires only an itty-bitty 22-caliber cartridge, as opposed to the more lethal 5.56 or .223 military calibers that most so-called modern sporting rifles use.

ar              This nonsense about how a remarkably-lethal weapon used by our armed forces has been transmogrified into a ‘sporting’ gun by the gun industry for the last twenty years has been going on since the imposition of the 10-yearassault weapons ban back in 1994.  The gun industry first reacted to the ban by claiming that ‘assault’ weapons were fully-automatic guns used only by the military; hence, any semi-automatic rifle deserved to be sold in the civilian market regardless of its design. And when the ban was not renewed in 2004, the industry went whole hog in trying to convince everyone that an AR-15 gun, as long as it didn’t fire more than one shot with each pull of the trigger, was no different from Grandpa’s old Remington or Winchester hunting rifle except it had a more modern look.

In arguing against any new attempt to impose a new assault weapons ban, the gun industry has …

mikethegunguy | January 23, 2016 at 9:15 pm |http://wp.me/p3rKYU-JX

Source: When It Comes To Assault Rifles, The Gun Industry Has A New Friend: The New York Times.

2 thoughts on “When It Comes To Assault Rifles, The Gun Industry Has A New Friend: The New York Times.

  1. Assault rifle… AR-15… why do you (and liberal democrat politicians) keep insisting that the AR-15 is an “assault rifle”???

    The modern AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle, meaning that for every pull of the trigger one bullet is fired from the barrel. Every definition of “assault rifle” around the world (except as coined by liberal democratic politicians under Clinton in ’93) requires a selector switch to allow semi-automatic fire, and fully automatic fire (pull the trigger and the gun fires bullets until it runs empty) as a basic objective of being an assault rifle. The modern AR-15, the most popular rifle sold in the US, is a semi-automatic rifle – not capable of switching to fully automatic fire… it has never been issued to the US military, nor any military in the world – because it does not meet the needs of a military.

    And your supposed argument that the ban on assault rifles actually decreased crime is utter non-sense. The DOJ report on the AWB itself could not distinguish cause and effect – murders have been on the decrease before the AWB began, throughout the ban, and still decreasing today… no change in ‘assault weapons’ being used only 2% of the time in crimes…

    Your website says that you have a Ruger Mini 14… which you say is the best platform… why isn’t your mini14 considered an “assault rifle”???? It’s a semiautomatic rifle using the exact same cartridge as the AR-15. It utilizes detachable magazines capable of holding 10, 20, or 30+ rounds just like the AR-15.


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