Flint e-mails total: 274 pages… but only 7 replies from Gov. Snyder 

As promised, Governor Rick Snyder released a huge batch of emails “in the spirit of transparency and accountability” late this afternoon.

Included are emails to and from Snyder, related to Flint, from 2014 and 2015.

No emails from 2013, when the option to switch to the Flint River for a two-year period was first floated, were included.

While there is plenty of information to soak in, there were no obvious bombshells.

Emails show a press release from the city of Flint was forwarded to Snyder in April 2014, when the switch to the Flint River occurred.

The next correspondence about the water is in October 2014.

Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality sends the governor’s office a four-page “briefing paper” on Flint’s “drinking water situation.” It discusses the string of boil water advisories, the city’s lack of investment in water infrastructure, and a significant number of water main breaks.

The next correspondence is from January 2015.

Read the rest of the story here: Flint e-mails: 274 pages… 7 replies from Gov. Snyder | Michigan Radio

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